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Not even sure where to start. The IOP program was my first introduction and I couldn’t be happier with the professionalism and courtesy of everyone I met. I was shown a level of respect that I didn’t expect. After leaving the program I have continued to see one of the therapists on a weekly basis for over one year and will continue as long as possible. They all have a hand in my recovery and I owe them a lot.


I am grateful I found Dr. Elsamra, and honestly, the whole team at Elevate Health. I was desperate for help for quite some-time, and after my experience at two other facilities, I was running out of hope. After my first consultation with Dr. Elsamra, I felt I had found the help I had been searching for. The team produced a well-rounded treatment plan to address several elements in my life, to give me the components I needed to move forward and flourish. Within Elevate Health I am able to not only meet with Dr. Elsamra, but also an individual therapist, a family/marriage counselor, and a small support group. I have found Dr. Elsamra and the team he put together to be thorough, thoughtful, informative, and discreet. Working with an entire team that can collaborate with each other has been essential to my recovery, and I am thankful for each of them.


I have been seeing Dr. Elsamra for MAT of Suboxone and several other mental illnesses for well over a year. I have much gratitude to this psychiatrist as he is very caring and speaks to me like a human being, not just a cookie cutter. He is very willing to prescribe the meds I need to address each mental illness and not just based on what’s popular, but on what I need. He also talks about my life and gives me suggestions to help me with my deep depression. Most of my previous psychiatrists have just thrown out meds that are popular but useless for my conditions.


Dr. Elsamra is very intuitive and knowledgeable. He takes time to listen, and you can tell he genuinely cares. He’s also very responsive to any questions or concerns I may have in between appointments.


Excellent program for anyone in early sobriety. I would highly recommend.


From start to finish, I had a great experience. The things I learned only strength my ability to remain sober. Along with AA these are tools I will use every day.


Highly recommend this program. Staff is very helpful and knowledgeable, non-judgmental and everything is confidential.


Safe comfortable environment where I felt comfortable expressing my thoughts and emotions the groups are very strong with amazing activities that strengthened my emotional responses and redirected my negative instincts certainly left with good memories and to see the growth within myself has been a blessing


Dr. E saved my life. I started seeing him without even a roof over my head. Now, I have a job, car, home and feel myself again!! Thank you for being my hero.

Nicole S.

Exceptional doctors and caring staff. I could not be more impressed with the work they do & the dedication they show to helping their patients. Dr. Elsamra is one of the most respected doctors in his field, and he absolutely deserves that level of respect. He is very knowledgeable and does not give up, though he lets patients slip until they take responsibility for their own health and future. He is also brutally honest when he needs to be. I’m not sure if my daughter’s father would be here today if it wasn’t for Dr. Elsamra. I also have tremendous appreciation for the other doctors and staff, because they have helped me find strength, clarity, and stability through a very challenging time in my life. Dr. Elsamra and the doctors at Elevate are also capable of treating patients with very complicated and challenging mental health issues, including dual-diagnosis disorders. Though they are very busy, their team is excellent & worth the wait.


Dr. Elsamra is an awesome Doctor. He really listens and understands my struggles and prescribes meds that for the first time, have really carried me in a better position than ever. He is knowledgeable about all medications and asks me about my life and offers practical solutions to what I sometimes feel are impossible problems! No hesitations on him as your psychiatrist.


Dr. Elsamra is an awesome Doctor. He really listens and understands my struggles and prescribes meds that for the first time, have really carried me in a better position than ever. He is knowledgeable about all medications and asks me about my life and offers practical solutions to what I sometimes feel are impossible problems! No hesitations on him as your psychiatrist.


Elevate has been a huge help for me. So welcoming and adaptable. They continue to help in my recovery journey. The clinical team is caring, knowledgeable and adept at finding local resources.


I have an excellent therapist. She’s very kind, caring, compassionate, optimistic, and a great listener. I first saw her earlier this year after experiencing a traumatic life change, and she has been with me every step of the way to help me gain back confidence and positivity and navigate a new environment. She provides very actionable ways to help manage anxiety in everyday life and in particularly stressful or new situations. I really look forward to my weekly sessions with her.


Nurse Practitioner Lauren is phenomenal. She’s kind, attentive, thoughtful and never judgmental. I couldn’t have asked for a better provider. The front office staff always returns my phone . Everyone is consistently attentive to my requests and questions.


This is the first place in 27 years that listened to my symptoms and prescribed medication that CHANGED MY LIFE, in a world where doctors are afraid to prescribe ANYTHING if it poses possible addiction risk, or is a certain class, even if it will help. I feel like I’m living a new life, after 30 years living every day with no urge to keep going. I am so happy I found a place that looked at my past experiences and current situation as a whole.


The best mental healthcare I’ve ever received. From my NP for med management to my therapist, even to the front desk staff — everyone there makes you feel like they really care and your health is a priority in a nonjudgmental environment. I feel listened to and understood, and my medication is always refilled on time – no chasing down doctors for days for refills or prescription transfers. They’re on top of it! They have removed so much stress from my life and changed things for the better.


My counselor and psychiatrist are both great. They helped me process when I was at a pretty low point. My counselor is the absolute kindest and is a great person to have in your court. My psychiatrist was able to get me sorted out within a couple of weeks and I’m feeling so much better. I also LOVE that they care holistically about your mental health and have both therapists and psychiatrists available in the same place. It’s so much easier and takes the pressure off of miscommunicating information between offices.


I never thought I’d find a place like Elevate Health an Wellness. The staff there is knowledgeable, patient, flexible and they actually care. I’m finally getting better and it’s because of the work I’m doing with Elevate. I would recommend them to anyone in need of Mental health or addiction services on any day.


Elevate Health and Wellness led me on my path to a better life. The counselors are all kind, patient, helpful and nonjudgmental. I felt comfortable in the group setting as well as the private sessions. I would highly recommend it for anyone that is looking for help and guidance.


I would strongly encourage this process. It helped me evaluate and change the way I think about and respond to current and past behaviors


Caring, kind, and professional staff. Even their insurance billing department is great!


I have been in therapy since the 4th grade and have changed therapist more times than I can count. Right when I was ready to give up, I found Stef! I have never had a therapist who feels like a friend but now mine feels like my bestest friend. I recognize that I put in the work for myself but at the same time, that without stef, I would have been lost along the way. I am not the person I was last year or even last week. Iv seen myself grow in so many ways. I look forward to therapy and for the first time see that with the right therapist and determination IT WORKS!! Thank you elevate health and wellness and THANK YOU STEF for showing me how to not only love and care for others but especially myself.

Nicole M.


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