Mental Health and Addiction Treatment for Teens and Adults

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Medication Evaluation and Management

Meet with one of our prescribers to understand your options.

Do you think you might be struggling with a mood disorder such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder? Are you addicted to a substance that you need some assistance getting off of?

Each person is unique and their reaction to medication can vary. You can discuss your concerns and questions when you meet with a prescriber to come up with the best medication regimen for you. We will work together with you to treat the symptoms you’ve been experiencing while keeping in mind your overall health and wellness.

GeneSight Genetic Testing is available by request. Some restrictions apply.


Substance Use Disorder

Mood Disorders

Psychotic Disorder

Anxiety Disorder



Relapse Prevention Group

This group offers a welcoming space for clients who are actively seeking to maintain their recovery from a variety of addictive substances. If you have the intention of sustained, long term recovery, you’ll want solid relapse prevention skills that can help you one day at a time, or even minutes at time, regardless of any situation you may find yourself in. Our trained and licensed clinical staff will help you to break the harmful cycle of reacting to triggers, stressors and challenges. Discover ways to stay focused on the present and effectively cope with urges an cravings to use.

This group meets every Tuesday at 7pm and every Friday at 1pm. Call our office today to reserve a seat: 203-450-4882.

Pre-registration is required. Fees billed through insurance.