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Dr. Mohamed Elsamra, MD

Dr. Elsamra is the Medical Director of Elevate Health and Wellness. Driven by a mission to deliver high-quality, timely, and affordable care, Dr. Elsamra established Elevate Health and Wellness to support individuals in dire need of comprehensive medical and psychiatric treatment. 

In 2024, Dr. Elsamra became the Principal Investigator of a Clinical Trial involving Sublocade injections for opioid use disorder, providing his patients with access to cutting-edge treatments. His unwavering commitment to aiding individuals battling addiction is a testament to his passion and dedication. Dr. Elsamra firmly believes in the resilience of the human spirit, viewing the psychiatrist’s role as pivotal in helping individuals overcome obstacles to natural healing and recovery.

Dr. Elsamra’s illustrious career as a psychiatrist includes roles as Medical Director at various Connecticut-based facilities, including Turnbridge and Mid Western Council of CT in Danbury.  



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